High end paintwork at affordable prices. We take pride in our body and paintwork having built many show and magazine featured cars.

Our low bake spray booth is serviced regularly and we only use good quality paint and materials to ensure the paintwork will last.

On restoration work we fill all panels edge to edge to get the bodywork as straight as possible. Once the filler work is complete we usually polyester prime the exterior and block again. This is a long process but the only way to get the bodywork really straight and wobble free.

We can stone chip or raptor the under side and inner arches if required.

After painting we fully flat and polish the exterior to remove orange peel leaving a show standard finish.

On a full on high end show paintwork we spend more time prepping the none visible areas and more time on the flat and polishing process for the best possible finish.

1966 crew cab paintwork:

68 Karman cabrio:

Mk2 Golf GTI:

Vauxhall Firenza:

Mexican Beetle:

A selection of some of our paintwork: